In November, FSB Member Stories featured our CEO & Digital Business Advisor Kevin Lovelady
Thanks to Mark Bryan and Phil McCabe and all the teams at the FSB and Brilliant Trees Media
The Mersey Youth Support Trust (MYST) is a charitable organisation that empowers young people to start and build a business by providing bespoke business advice, affordable workspaces, funding opportunities, contacts and networking.
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Hi. My name is Kevin Lovelady I’m the CEO and manager of the Mersey Youth Support Trust and we help young people to explore the possibility of self-employment so that they can become financially independent
I mainly come from a digital background and I’ve been involved with this charity for about five years helping them with volunteering, websites, a bit of marketing, bit of outreach
Biggest lesson that I’ve learned when I’ve run my own business is don’t do it by yourself, have trust and confidence in other people who are on the same sort of journey and who buy into your idea
I had been in the FSB in another business, so I knew what they did, I knew the advantages and the services that they provided
We’ve already got a lot out of what they offer. One of the main resources that we’re using with the FSB are the hubs mainly. Over the last six months or so we’ve accessed the Legal Services Hub which has provided us with advice and do-it-yourself documentation for policies. There’s been a lot of help along the way over the last six months with those sorts of issues
For the FSB webinars we are trying to attend as many as possible and out of that came some very useful partnerships which we’re trying to progress at the moment
The local support that we’ve had from FSB has been really fantastic and my favourite thing about being with the FSB is just the support that’s available

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