I have been with MYST for almost a year now. Within that time I have seen great progress with my business. Knowing and receiving the support that is available is a fantastic advantage as well as the affordable office space which has relieved me and I’m sure many others of the financial constraints with starting a small business. It is a fantastic environment full of prospering businesses that interact with ideas to help each other grow. John has been amazing also with his weekly contact, general concern and business advice as well as various offers of workshops to help business growth. I am very confident that I am in the best circle of support and would strongly recommend MYST to anyone looking to start a business.


Biomagnetic Pair Therapy UK

I cant thank John and the team at MYST enough for the help they’ve provided.  The process from the first email to viewing I found very fast and professional.  Once within the building I settled very quickly and was made aware of the facilities within MYST.  This allowed me to attract different customers and expand my supply chain, with use of the on site meeting room it allowed me to provide a more professional approach.  John was very approachable and always offered his experience and advice within business which was more than appreciated.  I would recommend any start up business to use these facilities.

David C Southern BSc Hons

Managing Director, Ethical Projects Limited

Thank you for allowing me to have the office space at MYST. It was my first real office, and it was a vital step for my career as a freelance writer, as well as allowing me to enjoy a spike in work due to the contacts within the building. I also greatly appreciated the assistance provided by the MYST team, which included help with non-work matters. I would definitely recommend both the MYST offices and the support from MYST itself to start-ups of any kind and/or established freelancers.

Mark Armstrong, Writebase

We came to MYST in April 2015 after meeting John at a local networking event.

As a small business were searching for an affordable office space in order to grow our business! after chatting with John and visiting MYST we both knew that we had found not only a fantastic office but also a supportive network of people who could offer us and advice and guidance along the way!

Since coming to MYST our business has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow which makes us excited for the future as a small business!

John is always on hand with lots of encouragement and guidance when we need it most.

We are both extremely grateful to MYST and would most definitely recommend them to new businesses who want to take their ideas to the next level

Steve and Laura

Directors, The Cheerful Lime

Having access to the affordable office space that MYST offers has been crucial to the development of our business.

We support children and young people into participating in positive activities that benefit themselves, their families and their local community.

MYST is our admin base were we plan, monitor and evaluate all of our projects and alongside offering affordable accommodation MYST has provided us with the opportunity to network with other organisations that has assisted our growth and development.

John Croft

The Inclusion Network CIC

Office was affordable when no others were affordable for me as a start-up.

Very accessible – Full access Saturdays and evenings was vital to us.

Flexible – the ability to vacate at short notice with no fuss was essential as MYST don’t tie you in to a long lease.

Included furniture – again so useful.

Manager – helpful, friendly, encouraging and approachable – wonderful for us as we had never had offices before and all new to us.

Fast Internet access – included, fast, reliable – essential to us as an IT business.

Location – good for access from both Bootle and Liverpool – good access from trains and buses.

They even hosted events – great event to publicise business and enable us to network.


Access Training and Computer Services CIC

We had the good fortune to be introduced to MYST through a mutual business colleague when we were looking for new office space. Being  a new company we had to watch our spending however we needed space for a few desks as well as WIFI and this is when the offices at MYST seemed perfect for our needs. They offered us 24hr availability ( needed for our line of work), WIFI, furnished offices, car parking, lighting and heating all for a very reasonable price. We have been welcomed from day one and we have found all the staff who work with MYST to be extremely kind and warming, and always available when we have needed them. We have been sent information on business meetings and promotions which has been helpful and we have met a lot of new people and companies in the MYST offices which we hope to work alongside for some time.

Anthony Mullis

Managing Director, The Tour Expert

John Kelly is an amazing character. He brings life and positivity around MYST and every time there are visitors to MYST or maybe people who can support our organsiations, he will take them round to everyone’s offices and introduce them to us. This gives us a chance to them what we do and see if we can develop further partnerships. So, I’m really grateful to be with MYST. They offer hands on support and I really appreciate it.

4 Wings

“I was with MYST for a year after starting my own business. We found MYST to have excellent facilities and everything you need to setup up easily and efficiently, it’s a great little community with other businesses willing to network and help each other out. The advice and business mentoring John gave me was invaluable, I can’t thank everybody there enough for all their kind help and advice they gave me during my time there. I would recommend MYST to anyone”

Tony Smullen

Director, Cedar Tree Media Ltd

MYST has been a supportive & “home.” For me. Without it, I doubt I would have geared up my business as quickly. It’s a good location. Close to the city centre. It’s great value. And it has a kind of calming effect on me!  Everyone is in the same boat.  So just having a natter with people and sharing experiences is vital.

Ian Denny

Social Proof Limited

Without MYST we would not be in the position we now find ourselves in today.

We arrived with a fledgling business which needed developing. Both employees working off laptops at home & in cars. Costs were prohibitive to setting up a dedicated office space and in turn this created its own difficulties to respond to everyday needs of our business. It also stunted our growth as we could not use our time efficiently. With MYST’s unique, open, friendly but professional support we have not just developed a strong foundation but it has enabled us to build our reputation quickly. This has resulted in us developing new services across not just Merseyside but into Cheshire & North Wales.

We highly recommend this organisation for new young entrepreneurs

John Fox

Project Coordinator, Neurohub North West CIC

My name is Patrick O’Rourke – I am an ex-serviceman of many years standing – my current status is a full time carer for my disabled wife and therefore I am on an extremely tight time and financial budget as I only receive income support.

On top of my wife’s daily requirements and needs I also have a very demanding two year old granddaughter – a bit of a hectic household for me.
Income support means cash is very tight and most things are limited to us as a family, getting a job is not an option due to my wife’s condition, so my only other option is to set up and run my own business.

Due to my current situation even developing the business plan at home is not an option as full focus and concentration cannot be maintained.

On my budget, after exhaustive searching, getting office space where I could spend a few hours on developing the business plan was near impossible until I came across MYST.

I spoke with the centre manager, Mr John Kelly, and explained my situation and my venture.

He offered me a small, but adequate office space to work on my business plan when needed.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am, having tried many, many other places – I could never have imagined a scenario like this

If it was not for MYST coming onto my radar, I have no doubt my future prospects would have remained the same – Zero.

MYST also offers, and has in place an extremely good network and due to this network, my initial venture has taken a temporary back seat as I put another idea of mine to one of the other MYST occupiers, who advises small business start ups this is an idea that would greatly benefit every single disabled person living on Merseyside.

I am at present pursuing that idea with the help of MYST and its fantastic network.

From my point of view, (and my current financial status ) it’s a great pity that there are not many  more MYST centres around that will give people like me that chance, that leg up that we need.

Patrick O'Rourke

Business Owner

MYST have provide excellent support from the time of my initial enquiry as a “mature” MYSTer.

John and the team have gone the extra mile to make my new start-up initiative as painless as possible, including supplying my office furniture and putting me in touch with some amazing people to help and develop my business.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with MYST and to “giving something back” to the organisation where and whenever I can.

Kevin Lovelady

Tall Guy Digital

As a start-up, we have been very impressed with The Mersey Youth Support Trust (MYST). They helped us to get the perfect office, and when needed they were there. The team kept us up to date with everything at all times and the service didn’t end there. John Kelly has been very easy and pleasant to deal with, he has a mix of friendliness and efficiency which he uses to great effect to smooth what can be a very stressful time. The team are highly professional, knowledgeable and very positive without being arrogant! Due to our tight time constraints, they helped us find the perfect office quickly and efficiently. I would have no hesitation in recommending MYST should you be looking for an office.

Globe Recruitment

I have held an office at MYST since I began my business. I am in the fortunate position of being a business consultant who has been able to collaborate on several projects with MYST that help not only the residents but others in the local community.

MYST is a unique and incredibly special place for budding entrepreneurs in Liverpool.

It offers amazing rates for office rental, a community of other entrepreneurs who represent all walks of life, differing levels of experience and different industries as well as a support network from the office staff that is second to none in the city.
You can expect to receive peer support and mentoring from MYST staff, accessibility on site to networking and training opportunities, and often more importantly a friendly ear, a wise word, constructive criticism and the most wide ranged support network you could ever hope to find.

Stephanie Wright

Company Director, Sefton and Liverpool Women in Business

MYST have provided Cats Whiskers Communications with not only affordable office space but a new group of friends and colleagues. The start up support from finding us a business advisor to generally providing advice has been exemplary. I am now branching out my business  working alongside people I have met at MYST

Cats Whiskers

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