Over the last few months we’ve been working with GoHo Marketing & PR to promote our campaign to raise funds for our new hub on the Wirral via the press release below. A huge thank you to everyone involved!

Mersey Youth Support Trust opens fundraising to enable a new hub for young entrepreneurs in The Wirral

The global pandemic has increased entrepreneurship in the country, mainly due to the number of people losing their jobs or changing their work patterns. This also allows the society to achieve socially responsible goals: that’s where entrepreneurship by and for disadvantaged populations come to show.

When people who face barriers to conventional employment start and run their own businesses, they earn a new opportunity to create value for not only themselves but also their families and the communities they’re part of. However, coming from a disadvantaged background can bring even more challenges when jumping on an entrepreneurial path – which brings up the importance of entrepreneurship for them.

The Mersey Youth Support Trust (MYST) established in 2011, is a charitable organisation that empowers young people who face those barriers to start and build their businesses, by providing bespoke business advice, affordable workspaces, funding opportunities, contacts and networking.

At the moment, MYST runs a total of 27 offices in their North Liverpool Hub to be let out to any young entrepreneurs that need their own workshop/office space, for a low monthly fee, receiving timely, relevant and on-site advice supported by the Centre Manager and other external agencies. This year, the organisation is hoping to expand their reach across the Liverpool City Region starting with a New Hub on the Wirral. They are looking for potential funders in the region to sign up to their network and get the chance to not only make the new hub possible but also support thousands of entrepreneurs on their path into a better future.

In recent years, fundraising has undergone an important professionalisation process. In the beginning, the activity was directly linked to large NGOs, but with the crisis, many organisations need to think of raising private funds as part of their strategy. That’s why to enable the build of this new hub MYST will need help from the community.

Kevin Lovelady, Centre Manager for the association, wants MYST to be a community where entrepreneurs can break down the barriers of mainstream employment and find a friendly ear for good and bad times. “We help them take responsibility for their own future by exploring the possibility of self-employment. Besides our support, mentoring, workshops, training, and networking opportunities, we build a community environment where creative, like-minded people empower each other during the business cycle. We also provide supportive guidance throughout the twists and turns of their self-employment journey in order to push our MYSTers to realise their ambitions”, says Lovelady.

To learn more about MYST and the initiative, sign up at https://mymyst.co.uk/newsletter/.

About MYST:

The Mersey Youth Support Trust (MYST) is a charitable organisation that empowers young people who face particular barriers to conventional employment to start and build a business by providing bespoke business advice, affordable workspaces, funding opportunities, contacts and networking, to develop their skills and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. MYST focuses on the provision of education, financial assistance, technical assistance or business advice/consultancy for people in cases of financial or other charitable need and help in setting up their own business.
More information about MYST at https://mymyst.co.uk/

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