MYST resident, Liz Brown of Liz Brown Films will be teaming up with the Sudley Area Residents’ Association (SARA) to make a film based on the children of World War 2.  “Children of War – Childhood memories of growing up in south Liverpool during World War II” will be set in Aigburth and aims to preserve the memories, stories and experiences of local residents who grew up during the war years in South Liverpool.

This is possible thanks to funding from the heritage lottery fund. The group have recently received £9,900 to make the film possible.

Commenting on the award, Steven Kearney, Chairman of Sudley Area Residents’ Association said: “The Heritage Lottery grant is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to record their memories for future generations. There is a wealth of information in the local area and without projects such as ours this information would eventually be lost forever. The project will develop over the next few months and we are looking forward to sharing our findings with a special screening of the documentary film at SARA Hall accompanied by an exhibition.”

Local filmmaker Liz Brown is working in partnership with SARA to produce this documentary film, educational workshops and exhibition. Liz has worked within the creative media sector for over twenty years and recently branched out on her own working as a Producer on social commentary productions where she has an office at MYST.

Thanks to SARA for providing a press release. Some excerpts have been taken above.

Good luck with the project Liz.

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