Everton Matchday Parking

Everton Matchday Parking

MYST is based in the Old St. Lawrence School which is owned and managed by LA Productions and is close to Everton FC’s Goodison Park stadium. Due to its proximity to the stadium, on matchdays, LA Productions use the car park for paid supporter parking

Please note the parking access details below if you are a MYST business using your offices when Everton are at home.

  • Matchday Parking Start: 1 hour before kick-off
  • Matchday Parking End: 1 hour after kick-off
  • Matchday Parking Attended: TBC
  • MYST Business Owners : Arrival during matchday parking periods, please inform the attendant that you have an office at MYST
    PLEASE NOTE: your office agreement includes one parking space (unless you have made other arrangements with MYST/LA Productions)
  • MYST Visitors : They will have to pay the parking fee in force – we suggest that MYST business owners do not make appointments during matchday parking periods

To see upcoming fixtures, please always check the Everton FC page at https://www.evertonfc.com/fixtures

For those of you who have any vehicles parked regularly and have made arrangements with MYST/LA Productions, those vehicles MUST be parked correctly away from the main gate to allow ease of access etc. If you have any questions, please drop Laura or me a line or pop into the office to discuss so that we can advise/ask LA Productions.

For any other questions/more information, please contact us at support@mymyst.co.uk or 0151 203 1140 as your first point of contact and we will direct your queries to the relevant person at LA Productions.

Thanks for your cooperation on behalf of MYST and LA Productions

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