Coffee Machine Available

Coffee Machine Equipment Available

Italia Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (Dry Milk) | Card Reader & Base

Pavement Sign & Point of Sale Signage | Cups, Sugar/Sweetener, Wooden Stirrers, Waste Bins etc

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Due to lower footfall than expected and lack of use, we are looking for a new owner for this Absolute Coffee Machine that is currently in our main hall. The Machine would be an amazing addition to a busy place, with good profit margins and low maintenance.
• Featuring a new 7 inch touch screen, this allows users to easily navigate through the Menu or simply select the preferred speciality from an endless selection of Drink options.
• A 1.2kg Hopper is combined with 3 further canisters for Decaff Coffee, Milk & Hot Chocolate to ensure the freshest Cup of Coffee or Chocolate can be prepared in seconds.
• With the robust patented Brew Unit, the Italia Touch is versatile and can be programmed for and array cup sizes such as 7oz, 9oz or 12oz.
• A direct Water connection and user-friendly Cleaning Cycles guarantee the Italia Touch daily maintenance is quick and simple.
• Contactless card reader

Example Costings

Estimated Sales
Price/coffee £1.50
Coffees/day 15
Days/week 5 | Coffees/week 75
These are below average prices and estimates for a location with good footfall.
Sales: weekly £112.50 | monthly £487.50
Annually: £5850.00
Estimated Expenses (month)
Coffee Beans: £50.00
Milk, sugar etc: £30.00
Card charges: £15.00
Monthly: £95.00
Annually: £1140.00
Estimated Income
Monthly: £392.50
Annually: £4710.00
Monthly: £182.00
Term: 60 started 10/2022

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